The Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) Program has procured and is upgrading 8x8 wheeled light armoured vehicles. The vehicles are designed to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance activities over large distances with minimal logistic support. The prime contractor for the project is General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada (GDLS-C).  The project has progressed in four phases:

Phase 1

In 1990, 15 Light Armoured Vehicles were procured from the United States Marine Corps for a concept evaluation of wheeled reconnaissance in northern Australia. Phase 1 was completed in 1990.

Phase 2

In 1992, Defence signed a contract for 113 ASLAVs, ancillary equipment and logistic support. Phase 2 vehicle deliveries to Army were completed on schedule in 1997.

Phase 3

In 2000, DMO signed a contract for 144 new ASLAVs. Scope for Phase 3 also included the upgrade of Phase 2 vehicles to the Phase 3 build standard, simulation, surveillance and remote weapon stations. Phase 3 vehicle deliveries to Army were completed on schedule in 2004.

Phase 4

Phase 4 is scoped to provide a survivability enhancement of the entire ASLAV fleet. Project background and proposal information is available in the current published Defence Capability Plan.

Current Status

As of May 2011 the DMO has acquired 144 additional ASLAVs, 59 remote weapon stations capability, nine Crew Procedural Trainers and conducted an automotive standardisation program for the Phase 2 vehicle. The remote weapons stations were a part of the Behind Armour Commander’s Weapon Station Project and enable the ASLAV vehicle crew commanders to operate the weapon system without being exposed to direct fire. The project is currently acquiring Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites for integration on the ASLAV through the ASLAV Surveillance Project. Minor facility upgrades in the three units that operate the ASLAV fleet are also occurring.

The ASLAV Surveillance Project will provide an integrated sensor-based surveillance capability for ASLAV Surveillance variants operated in the Australian Army's Cavalry units. The Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites is a mast mounted radar and electro-optic surveillance system to be fully integrated on the ASLAV-Surveillance variant. The Contractor for the delivery and integration of the Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites is DRS Sustainment Systems, Inc-a United States based company. The Project consists of three stages; Stage 1 Prototype development, Stage 2 Production and Stage 3 Through Life Support (TLS). Stage 1 is complete and the Project is currently in Stage 2 for the production, testing and delivery of 18 Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites units.

Key project milestones in 2011-12 include production of an initial Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites unit for verification and validation testing, commencement of full production for the remaining Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites and conduct of initial operator and maintainer training courses. Planning and development for the Stage 3 TLS contract will also be a priority. IMR of the Multi Spectral Surveillance Suites is scheduled for December 2012, with FMR scheduled for April 2013.

Source:  Defence Materiel Organisation - LAND 112 - Australian Light Armoured Vehicle

Public Information

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