LAND 121 Project Overlander


Overlander is a multi-phased project to provide the ADF with field vehicles and trailers to meet its mobility requirements. The ADF fleet of field vehicles and trailers is the backbone of its warfighting force and sustainment structure. These vehicles are used to transport personnel, combat supplies, materiel, replacement combat systems and when necessary, evacuate casualties. They also serve as platforms and prime movers for Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C4I) systems and numerous weapon systems.

Field vehicles and trailers are an essential element of combat, combat support and combat service support capabilities of the ADF. Vehicle characteristics must be tailored to suit the units and equipment they support as well as the conditions under which they are required to operate.

Around one third of the fleet of vehicles is to be armoured to protect personnel from the effects of mines, bullets and improvised explosive devices.

Phase 2A (completed)

Phase 2 enhanced current vehicle capability for heavy recovery and bulk liquid transport. Phase 2A also assessed excessive cabin noise and personnel/cargo restraint and segregation systems as well as rollover protection.

Phase 3A (approved)

Phase 3A is replacing the current fleet of ADF light unprotected field vehicles and trailers and incorporates the former 5A scope. This phase includes the acquisition of around 2150 unprotected Mercedes Benz G-Wagon light vehicles, with modules and trailers to enable tactical training.

Phase 3B (approved)

Phase 3B is replacing the current fleet of ADF medium and heavy field vehicles and trailers. This phase includes the acquisition of:

  • Around 2700 medium and heavy trucks; and
  • Around 290 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV) (not PMV-Light (PMV-L); see LAND 121 Phase 4) to provide troop transport functions.

Phase 4

Phase 4 will provide the core of the ADF operationally deployable light protected vehicle (PMV-L) fleet through the acquisition of around 1300 vehicles and trailers.

Phase 5B

Phase 5B will complete the replacement of medium and heavy vehicles through the acquisition of unprotected vehicles to enable tactical training.

Source:  Defence Capability Plan 15/05/12 - LAND 121 Phases 4 and 5B
Image:  Defence Materiel Organisation - 
Field Vehicles and Trailers LAND 121 Phase 3

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