LAND 400 Land Combat Vehicle System


The Life of Type (LOT) for each of the legacy Light Armoured Fighting Vehicle fleets (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) and M113AS4) and Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV) fleet is due to be reached in the period 2020 to 2025. This presents a unique opportunity for the ADF to replace its existing disparate fleets with an integrated suite of close combat vehicle systems managed as a program. LAND 400 will exploit the opportunity to reduce vehicle variant replication and simplify sustainment. The project will deliver a balanced system of vehicles that will constitute the major component of the Army’s future Combined Arms Fighting System (CAFS).

LAND 400 Phase 1 was a scoping activity that has informed future phases. In 2010, the project had a significant increase in its funding allocation and Phase 1 was split into Phases 2A and 2B. Phase 2A (Cavalry Combat Systems) and 2B (Land Combat Vehicle Systems) were contained in the December 2010 Defence Capability Plan update. These phases have since been combined into a single phase known as Land 400 Phase 2, Land Combat Vehicle System.

Phase 2

LAND 400 Phase 2 Land Combat Vehicle System (LCVS) aims to deliver protected survivability and lethality systems to the mounted close combat capability of the Land Force. The project will replace and enhance those mounted close combat capabilities currently enabled by M113, ASLAV and Bushmaster PMV. LAND 400 is the lead project to achieve integration of Army’s future CAFS. Initial Material Release will occur upon the completion and release of the supplies which are required to support the achievement of the Initial Operating Capability.

Current dates published in the Defence Capability Plan Update (May 2012) indicate First Pass Approval occuring in FY13-14 - FY14/15. In 2011 DMO was indicating a First Pass Approval in early 2013. DMO advice of 2011 that a Request for Tender was due to be released in early 2013 has now been revised to no specific date rather sometime 'after 1st pass approval'. The Defence 2014/15 Parliamentary Budget Statement advised that Land 400 Phase 2 would cover a 'Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle (ASLAV Replacement)' and noted the project may not be considered for 1st pass aprroval in this financial year.

The DMO project office has released a range new publically available documents ahead of the Land Forces 2014 conference and Land Environment Working Group.  These documents are available below.  It was announced on 22 Sep 14 at the Land Environment Working Group in Brisbane that the project was due for 1st pass consideration by the Australian government prior to the end of 2014.

On 19 Feb 15, DMO released an open, unrestricted RFT for the supply of 225 Combat Reconaissance Vehicle in seven variants.  One of the key requirements is for tenderers to offer a Military-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) solution that meets the specified requirements. A MOTS (plus) solution may also be offered but this needs to be submitted as a separate tender. Full details on the tender are available from the AusTender website.

The Land 400 tender closed on 3 Sep 15 as it is understood that four contenders submitted bids for the AUD multi-billion project.  These included BAeS (team with Patria), GDLS-A (team with Thales Australia), Elbit Australia (teamed with Singapore Technologies Kinetics) and Rheinmetall Defence Australia (teamed with Northrop Grumman).

At the Land 400 Phase 3 Industry briefing held in Canberra 27 Nov 2015, the new Director General Land 400, Brig Greg McGlone, advised industry that the Phase 2 evaluation was on schedule and that he expected an announcement about down-selected companies in March 2016.

On 1 April 16, the Australian Goverment advised that the Land 400 Phase 2 RFT tender evaluation had been extended and the planned Risk Mitigation Activies were to be reviewed. The review will focus on Australian industry involvement in the project based on the recently released government defence white paper and industry statement. No revised timings for the project down-select announcement were provided. A copy of the official media release is here.

On 23 August 2016, the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, announced that the Defence Department has signed contracts with BAE Systems Australia and Rheinmetall for the next stage of evaluation for LAND 400 Phase 2. Minister Pyne said the Defence Department had signed contracts with both companies ensuring Australian industry involvement, which will create jobs and drive economic growth. The LAND 400 Phase 2 program now moves into the Risk Mitigation Activity which will occur over 2016/17.

The Australian Government announced 13 March 2018 that it had selected the Rheinmetall Boxer vehicle to replace the Australian Army's aging combat reconnaissance capability. Valued at AUD $5.4 billion, Rheinmetall will manufacture and deliver 221 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles with first deliveries expected in 2020. The vehicles will be manufactured and supported though a brand new facility to be built in Brisbane. The facility will be call the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence. Full details of the Australian Government's announcement are available here.

Phase 3

The Australian Department of Defence released a Request of Information (RFI) on 22 Nov 2015 for techncial and cost information relating to a tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). Details of the RFI can be accessed here.  The RFI is scehduled to close on 22 Feb 2015. Slides from the RFI industry briefing are yet to be released by the program office.

The Australian Government released on 24 August 2018 the LAND 400 Phase 3 Request for Tender for the supply of a family of tracked combat vehicles.  The advised closing date is 1 March 2019.  An indusrty briefing was held at Land Forces 2018 on 5 September 2018 - a copy of the public presentation is available here.

The Australian Government announced on 16 September 2019 its down-selection decision for the Land 400 program.  Both Hanwah Defence Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia had been successful and invited to participate in the next stage of evaluation - the risk mitigation activity.  The unsuccessful tenders were General Dynamics Land Systems (Australian) and BAE Systems (Australia).  A decision on the preferred tenderer to supply the Land 400 Phase 3 capability will be presented to Government for consideration in 2022. A copy of the Defence Minister's announcement is here.

The Australian Government announced on 23 October that it had signed contracts with Hanwah Defence Australia and Rheinmetall Defence Australia for the next stage of the $10-15 billion LAND 400 Phase 3 program.  The contracts cover the risk mitigation activity (RMA) phase that will deliver vehicle for testing and allow both companies to engage with Defence, as well as clarify, refine and negotiate their tenders. Following completion of the RMA, Defence will finalise its shortlist for consideration by the Government in 2022.

On 6 August 2020, the Australian Defence Magazine reported that Brigadier Greg McGlone, Program Manager Land 400, had been 'recently unexpectedly and abrubtly replaced.'  Defence has not made any announcement about Brigadiers McGlone's replacement other than to say 'Any announcement of a replacement will be officially communicated with other Defence senior appointments at an appropriate time'.


Defence Capability Plan 16/08/11 - LAND 400 Phase 2 Land Combat Vehicle System

Defence Capability Plan 15/05/12 - LAND 400 Phase 2 Land Combat Vehicle System

Image:  Defence Materiel Organisation - LAND 400 Land Combat Vehicle System

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