LAND 907 Main Battle Tank


Land 907 replaced the Army’s former in-service tank, the Leopard AS1 Main Battle Tank, with a modern tank capability based on the US M1A1 Main Battle Tank. The Abrams will ensure that the Australian Defence Force maintains a supportable, survivable and interoperable tank capability until at least 2020.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project delivered a complete tank capability including the acquisition and logistical support of:

  • 59 M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks;
  • Seven M88A2 HERCULES armoured recovery vehicles;
  • Simulators;
  • 14 heavy tank transporters;
  • Eight tactical fuel trucks;
  • A complete training package, which will include gunnery and driving simulation systems to enhance crew performance and reduce operating costs for the tank fleet; and
  • A complete logistics package including spare parts, initial training, ammunition and facilities.

The majority of the LAND 907 acquisitions are being managed through the United States Government Foreign Military Sales program. The new tank capability was officially introduced into service on 7 July 2007.

The project continues on schedule. All the M1A1 Abrams tanks and M88A2 armoured recovery vehicles have been delivered. In addition all simulators, fuel trucks, tank transporters and spare parts have been delivered in line with the project's scope. Conversion training has been completed. In early 2008 a change of scope was approved to procure Tank Urban Survivability Kits within the existing funding allocation for the project. These kits will enhance crew and vehicle survivability and are scheduled for delivery during 2009.

Failure to provide an adequate Australian-based through-life support arrangement and the delay in the release of the through-life support request for tender, remains a high risk. This is being mitigated through the establishment of cooperative logistics services support arrangements directly with the US Government, which are in place, and the supplementation of technical staff through the provision of field service representatives to provide maintenance advice. These arrangements provide effective interim through-life support until the Australian-based support contract is in place.

Phase 2

Phase 2 will maintain the operational capability edge provided by the M1A1 fleet out to 2030. Phase 2 is to continue the land force warfighting advantage afforded by LAND 907 Phase 1 through delivery of enhancements in knowledge, lethality, mobility, survivability and sustainability of the M1A1 Main Battle Tank to its LOT of 2030.

Phase 2 will provide integration of developing Network Centric Warfare interface control systems; operator, supervisor, instructor and support training; training and simulation equipment and technical support and training technology review.

  • IMR will occur upon the completion and release of the supplies which are required to support the achievement of the IOC.
  • IOC will be defined later in the project development process.
  • FOC will occur when the full scope of the project, including the mission, support and training systems, and facilities, if required, have been delivered and accepted into operational service.

On 17 Dec 2017, the Australian Department of Defence (CASG) has announced that it will hold an LAND 907-Phase 2 & LAND 8160 - Phase 1 Industry Consultation Day, Friday 9 February, in Melbourne, Australia.  Presentation slides and material from the Industry Consultation Day held on 21 Feb 2018 are available below.


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