LAND 998 Replacement Fire Trucks


Army and RAAF use Titan fire-fighting field trucks which require replacement. JP 2095 delivered a replacement fleet of 6x6 Aircraft Rescue Fire-Fighting (ARFF) vehicles designed to provide ARFF support to four RAAF fixed bases within Australia. Additionally, Army began replacing its fleet of rural fire-fighting vehicles in 2011 under a minor project (Army Minor Project 085.06).

LAND 998 will enhance the ADF fire-fighting capability by providing a deployable fleet of ARFF vehicles to fulfil the aircraft crash rescue and fire-fighting requirement for deployed forces. The LAND 998 fleet will provide ARFF support for Army Aviation at fixed bases within Australia, support expeditionary operations and supplement the RAAF capability acquired under JP 2095.

Phase 1

Phase 1 will provide ARFF vehicles capable of aircraft crash response, emergency response and fire fighting to meet the needs of Army and the RAAF. The vehicles will meet air portability and mobility requirements and will rationalise capabilities into a single deployable emergency response vehicle in order to fulfill the aircraft crash rescue and fire-fighting requirements for deployed forces on expeditionary operations.

  • IMR will occur upon the completion and release of the supplies which are required to support the achievement of the IOC.
  • IOC will be defined later in the project development process.
  • LOT will be determined during the acquisition process, when an assurance of TLS can be determined from the OEM.
  • FOC will occur when the full scope of the project, including the mission, support and training systems, and facilities, if required, has been delivered and accepted into operational service.

Request for Tender

The Defence Material Organisation released a Request for Tender on 27 Sep 2012 for the acquisition or lease of 28 Aviation Fire Trucks. The vehicles are to be delivered with three years of spare parts, on-board equipment, technical data, radio equipement and limited training. An industry brief will be held in Melbourne on 24 October 2012.  Further details on the tender are available at link.

Source:  Defence Capability Plan 15/05/12 - LAND 998 Phase 1 Replacement Aviation Fire Trucks

Public Information

Defence Capability Plan 17/12/10 - LAND 998 Replacement Fire Trucks

Defence Capability Plan 16/08/11 - LAND 998 Phase 1 Replacement Aviation Fire Trucks