LAND 400: Phase 3 Tender Released

 The Australian Government today, 24 August, released the LAND 400 Phase 3 Request for Tender for the supply of a family of tracked combat vehicles.  Full tender details are available of the Austender website. Closing date is 1 March 2019.

Land 400 Phase 2 - Boxer Selected

Today, the Australian Government announced that it had selected the Rheinmetall Boxer vehicle to replace the Australian Army's aging combat reconnaissance capability. Valued at AUD $5.4 billion, Rheinmetall will manufacture and deliver 221 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles with first deliveries expected in 2020. The vehicles will be manufactured and supported though a brand new facility to be built in Brisbane. The facility will be call the Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence. Full details of the Australian Government's announcement are available here.

LAND 907-2 and LAND 8160-1 Industry Briefing - 9 February 2018

The Australian Department of Defence (CASG) has announced that it will hold an LAND 907-Phase 2 & LAND 8160 - Phase 1 Industry Consultation Day, Friday 9 February, in Melbourne, Australia.  Full details are available on the Austender website.

LAND 400 RMA Testing Complete

The Department of Defence today (29/8) announced that testing to support the selection process for the Army’s new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) has finished.  The Risk Mitigation Activity incorporated a year-long test and evaluation program, a series of schedule and contract management workshops to reduce the risk and working with defence industry to increase opportunities for Australian industry involvement.  An announcement on the successful tender is expected before 30 June 2018.


Hawkei Pilot Production Commences

The Australian Defence Magazine has recently reported that Thales Hawkei pilot vehicle production is due to commence late 2016.

Indonesia and Australia to collaborate on armoured vehicle

During the fourth Ministerial 2+2 dialogue with Indonesia late last week, senior Australian defence industry officials signed a collaboration agreement to develop a mine-resistant armoured vehicle. According to the official joint communique, issued by Australian Foreign and Defence Ministers Julie Bishop and Marise Payne and their Indonesian counterparts Retno Marsudi and Ryamizad Ryacudu, the design would be based upon the Australian Bushmaster design developed by Thales Australia. It is understood that Thales and Indonesian armoured vehicle manufactruer PT Pindad will cooperate on the design which would be customised for Indonesian Army (TNI) needs.

NZDF Releases RFI for Protected Mobility Vehicle

The New Zealand Ministry of Defence and New Zealand Defence Force have today (21/9) released a Request for Information concerning potential protected mobility solutions to replace the NZDF's protected mobility capability that can meet emerging challenges and future operating concepts. Full details available here.

LAND 400 RMA contracts signed

The Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, today (23/8) announced the Defence Department has signed contracts with BAE Systems Australia and Rheinmetall for the next stage of evaluation for LAND 400 Phase 2.  Minister Pyne said the Defence Department had signed contracts with both companies ensuring Australian industry involvement, which will create jobs and drive economic growth.

“Both vehicle options are world class and offer a quantum leap in protection for our soldiers and our military’s operational capability. The contract signings formally start the next stage of the evaluation process, known as the Risk Mitigation Activity. The Risk Mitigation Activity involves a one year test and evaluation program of the vehicles, including against improved explosive devices. The tests will be done at a range of sites within Australia including Defence’s world class facility at Monegeetta, Victoria."

LAND 400 Down-select decision announced

The Australian Department of Defence today (29 July) announced the selection of two tenderers to participate in the next stage of evaluation for LAND 400 Phase 2 - Army’s Mounted Combat Reconnaissance capability.  Deputy Secretary Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Mr Kim Gillis, said both BAE Systems Australia Limited and Rheinmetall Landsysteme Gmbh have been assessed as offering competitive solutions with designs based on capabilities already in service with other nations. 


Land 121 Phase 3B - Trucks start to arrive

After more than a decade in the making, the Army's Land 121 Phase 3B project has finally started to deliver Army its new generation of military logistic vehicles with 12 x HX-77 vehicles handed over to Army in Brisbane on 7 April.  The Land 121 project commenced with an ITR in Oct 2003 and released its first tender in mid-2005.  Following this, the project encountered a range of unprecedented delays finally leading to a contract being signed with Rheinmetall-MAN Military Vehicles in July 2013.  This first delivery of vehicles a few days ago is a much welcomed development and Army is now well placed to finally deploy a modern and efficient logistic transport capability.

Land 400 Down-select Decision Delayed

The Australian Government announced yesterday that the Land 400 Phase 2 down-select announcement would be delayed. This follows a recent statement by Chief of Army in early February that a down-select decision was planned for late Mar 16.  Since this statement, the Australian Government released its 2016 Defence Whitepaper and 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement on 25 February.   The Australian Government has now advised that the Land 400 Phase 2 Risk Mitigation Activities will be reviewed in light of recent policy statements.  The focus of the review appears to be around the Australian industry involvement in the project and the impact of new policy relating to Australian Industry Capability contained in the 2016 Industry Policy Statement.  While not explicitly stated in the announcement, it is possible that tenderers may be asked to update their Australian Industry Capability Plans to improve opportunities for local involvement in the project.

Land 400 Phase 2 Down-select Decision Imminent

ADM has reported that the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, indicated that a downselect for Land 400 Phase 2 (Army's Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) was expected in a matter of weeks.  The date is likely to be 21 March, around the same time as the Defence White Paper is expected to be released by the Australian Government.

Land 400 Phase 3 RFI Closing Date Changed

The Australian Department of Defence has today announced that the closing date for the Land 400 Phase 3 Request for Information is now Monday, 7 March 2016.

Australian Government Releases Land 400 Phase 3 RFI

The Australian Department of Defence released a Request of Information (RFI) on 22 Nov 2015 for techncial and cost information relating to a tracked, Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). More details about the RFI are available on the Eggler website here.  The RFI is scehduled to close on 22 Feb 2015. The IFV, as stated in the Key Requirements Matrix, is to engage enemy armour vehicles at 2000m on the move, provide STANAG Level 4 blast and up to STANAG Level 6 ballistic protection, and cross soft soil with a cone index of 150 kPa.  It will certainly be interesting to see what type of vehicle OEMs offer to meet this set of very challenging requirements.

Australian Government Awards Land 121 Phase 4 Contract

The Australian Government and Thales Australia signed a contract on 5 October 2015 for the supply of 1100 Hawkei vehicles as part of the Land 121 Phase 4 project.  The contract value is reported at AUD $1.3b with inititial production and full production to commence in 2016 and 2018 respectively.   This project has been more than five years in the making and it is pleasing to see the Australian Government supporting the local military vehicle design, development and manufacturing capability.

STKinetics and Elbit team for Land 400

It was announced 31 July that the Singaporean government-owned defence company STKin­etics has teamed with Israeli firm Elbit Systems to tender for the Land 400 project.  This now brings the number of companies to four intending to bid into the multi-billion dollar program.

Further extension to Land 400 RFT closing date

The DMO advised 3 July that the RFT response period has been extended by a further four weeks. The revised closing date is now 3 Sep 15.

Land 400 Potential Tenders

With about 6 weeks to run until the Land 400 tender closes, the known tenders are General Dynamics Land Systems (teamed with Thales Australia), BAE Systems Australia (teamed with Patria) and Rheinmetall Defence.  It is also possible that Singapore Technologies Kinetics may bid but there are no public statements to this effect yet.  Raytheon Australia (teamed with Nexter) pulled out of the race in mid-June.

Land 400 Phase 2B Request for Tender Released 19 February

The Defence Material Organisation announced yesterday the release of the much awaited Land 400 Phase 2B Request for Tender.  Full details of the tender can be downloaded from the AusTender wesite.  An industry briefing will be held in Melbourne on 11 March 2015.


Land 400 Request for Tender Release imminent

The Defence Material Organisation (DMO) today announced that the Australian governement will be making an important announcement about the Land 400 project and the much anticipated Request for Tender sometime in early January 2015.  An industry brief is expect shortly thereafter.  If you are planning to bid into the Land 400 program, then please contact Eggler Consulting Engineers to discuss how we may be able to assist you with the demanding tender process.

Land 400 New Program Manager Announced

It was announced today at the Land Environment Work Group in Brisbane that DMO has appointed Ms Sarah Myers as the new Program Manager Land 400 effective 26 September 2014.  DMO aslo advised that the Land 400 project was due for 1st Pass consideration by the Australian governement prior to the end of 2014.

Land 400 new project documents released

The Australian Defence Material Organisation has today released a series of new, draft project documents ahead of the forthcoming Land Forces 2014 conference.  The documents include a preliminary OCD (draft), a key requirements matrix (draft) and a key solicitations discrimator(draft). The documents can be accessed here.

Hawkei testing to be extended

The Australian Department of Defence (DoD) has extended the developmental testing and evaluation of the six Thales Hawkei prototype vehicles and trailer as part of the LAND 121 Phase 4 programme.  An unnamed DoD spokesperson was quoted as saying that the risk-reduction activity would 'further reduce risk prior to a second-pass consideration by government, which is expected in 2015'.  The extension means that the option to acquire a non-Australian vehicle 'remains on hold' pending the outcome of the manufactured and supported in Australia (MSA) development contract, the spokesperson added. Source: Strategic Defence Intelligence

Land 400 may not proceed in FY 14/15

The Defence 2014/15 Parliamentary Budget Statement advised that Land 400 Phase 2 would provide a 'Cavalry Reconnaissance Vehicle (ASLAV Replacement)' and noted the project may not be considered for 1st pass approval in this financial year.

Bushmaster bought by Japan and Indonesia

Janes IDR has reported (6 Apr) that the Australian Thales Bushmaster vehicle has recently been sold to the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force (four vehicles) and the Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus) (three vehicles). The article also noted possible sales to the Royal Thai Army and Libya.

27 Feb 14 - Assistant Minister for Defence about Land 400

At the Australian Defence Magazine Congress Assistant Minister Scott announced the governments support for the Land 400 progam. He stated 'Land 400's importance cannot be undertanded' and that 'LAND 400 is one of our (Defence's) most important capability programs ...'.  He also made it clear that the government required to the Land 400 program to use military-off-the-shelf vehicles and that he and the Minister for Defence would be lobbying for the vehicles to be either manufactured or assembled in Australia. A transcript of the speech is here.

6 Dec 2013 - NZ Defence Force receives new military trucks

The NZ Defence Minister announced today that the NZ Defence Force had received the first 40 new trucks from RMMV as part of a NZD $113 million truck replacement project. Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman says they were delivered seven months after purchase, which he's describing as record time. "The new Rheinmetall-MAN military medium and heavy vehicles are a significant step up in capability," he said on Friday.  "They're designed for modern military operations and offer better mobility, better protection, enhanced technology and better capacity." The trucks come with armour protection kits, weapons mounts, a range of specialist equipment, spare parts, logistic support arrangements and training packages. Source:

Australian Army Signs Contract for New Generation of RMMV Trucks

Rheinmetall-MAN Military Vehicles (Australia) and the Defence Material Organisation signed a contract on 23 July 2013 for the delivery approximatley 2500 new generation, high mobility trucks for the Australian Army.  The trucks will be progressively delivered to the Army from 2016. A copy of the announcement by the Minister for Defence Material can be reviewed here.

New Zealand buys 200 trucks for NZD$113m

Rheinmetall Defence announced on 16 May 2013 that it had entered into a contract to supply the New Zealand Army with 200 medium and heavy trucks in a range of different configurations.  The first training trucks will arrive in June 2013 with the remainder of the fleet to be delivered by the end of 2014.  Further details can be read here.

Australian Defence White Paper 2013

The Australian Goverment yesterday announced in its 2013 White Paper that it 'is committed to acquiring deployable protected and armoured vehicles offering improved firepower, protection and mobility compared to existing systems. This will include new medium and heavy trucks to replace Army’s existing ageing fleet. It will also include the replacement of Army’s armoured vehicles and associated fighting systems ......'. The White Paper did not outline any budgets or timetables to support these forecast acquisitions.


Land 998 Aviation Fire Trucks - Request for Tender

The Defence Material Organisation released a Request for Tender on 27 Sep 2012 for the acquisition or lease of 28 Aviation Fire Trucks. The vehicles are to be delivered with three years of spare parts, on-board equipment, technical data, radio equipement and limited training. An industry brief will be held in Melbourne on 24 October 2012.  Further details on the tender are available at link.

JP157 Aviation Fuel Tanker Request for Information

The Australian Defence Materiel Organisation has advised it will be releasing a Request For Information (RFI) seeking industry input in identifying viable options for the provision and support of Aviation Fuel Tanker vehicles. Potential options include the acquisition or lease of bulk fuel tankers and hydrant dispenser vehicles, or a fully contracted aviation refuelling service to meet this capability.The RFI will be released through AusTender ( on 23 April 2012.


Supacat Selected as Preferred Bidder for JP2097

The Australian Defence Material Organisation (DMO) has selected Supacat as Preferred Bidder for the Special Operations Vehicle element of the Project Definition and Evaluation phase (PD&E) of JP2097 Ph 1B (REDFIN) program and has awarded Supacat an initial contract for this phase. Supacat’s successful bid offered the latest version of its Special Forces HMT Extenda vehicle. When approved, JP2097 Ph 1B (REDFIN) will provide the Australian Defence Force with a new family of Special Operations Vehicles. On completion of the PD&E phase the DMO is expected to acquire a fleet of vehicles under a separate contract.


Army Accepts New Fire Trucks

The Minister for Defence Material announced today that the Australian Army had taken delivery of 16 Australian designed and munufactured firetrucks. The vehicles were built by SEM Fire and Rescue in Ballarat and accepted on Defence’s behalf by Catherine King, Federal Member for Ballarat and Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport. The trucks replaced Army's fleet of fire vehicles that were introduced into service in the 1970s.

Australian Forces to Receive Qinetic's Dragon Runner 20 UGV

Janes Defence & Equipment Technology reported on 7 Jan 12 that the Australian Army is to receive QinetiQ North America's Dragon Runner 20 unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs). No similar announcements have been made by the Australian DoD or the Defence Material Organisation. At this stage procurement numbers and delivery schedule are unknown. The Dragon Runner is an unmanned ground vehicle designed for quick reconnaissance and improvised explosive device (IED) disarmament in urban, mountainous or rural environments.

NZ DoD Releases RFI for Medium & Heavy Operational Vehicles

Just before Christmas 2011, the  New Zealand Government released a Request for Information (RFI) seeking information to support its modernisation program for medium and heavy operational vehicle fleet. Full details on the RFI and timings can be found at link.  No project schedule is provide or likely number of vehicles being sought for replacement.  The RFI does, however, provide indicative vehicle types.  The RFI closes on 31 January 2012.