Diploma in Military Technology

About the Diploma

Eggler offers a Diploma in Military Technology as an extension to those students that complete either an in-house or public Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced) professional development course.  This excellent qualification is the only diploma of its type in the world and offers students a unique learning opportunity and pathway to new knowledge and skills.

Students who successfully complete the 40 hours of public course lectures and the mandated additional course work will be awarded a Diploma in Military Technology (Military Vehicles & Mobility).  The qualification is awarded on a non-accredited basis.

Students must complete the required reading, course assessments and exams within 12 month of completing the Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced) course.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the diploma is AUD $5,500. This fee includes attendance at a public Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility (Advanced) course, course folder, course required textbooks and readings, access to online reading materials, sitting of exams at a local exam centre and online access to the course instructor.

Diploma Cirriculum

The course cirriculum is contained in the table below. For further details about the Diploma in Military Technology, please contact us here.

Course Instructor - Mark Eggler

Mark has over 25 years' experience as a senior project manager and professional engineer working on military and special purpose vehicle projects. He has worked for the Australian Department of Defence and private sector organisations on large military vehicle acquisition programs. He now teaches military vehicle design to governments and OEMs around the world.