Education & Professional Development Programs & Courses

Eggler Technology Training is globally recognised for its expertise in developing and delivering specialist capability design, systems engineering and military technology education and professional development training programs and classes. We are passionate about delivering to you a world-class learning experience that equips you with real world, practical knowledge and skills that make a difference.

Our education and training programs are designed for anyone needing the most current, practice-based knowledge to solve complex system design problems of today and tomorrow. And both the capability design and system engineering workshops are highly effective in the design of social and technology based systems. We teach proven methods to unpick complexity and bring clarity to the design of new health systems or transport systems or complex defence systems or whatever your design need is.

We guarantee the deliver our education and professional development training programs by using the highest quality, expert instructors.  This is our training guarantee to you. 

Eggler delivers all of its training programs, workshops and classes worldwide. We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our public or in-house workshops or professional development programs in the near future.

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Systems Engineerining Courses

  • SE Workshop (Systems Engineering In Practice)

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (Overview)

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (Introduction)

  • Introduction to Systems Engineering (Intermediate)

Capability Design Courses

  • Capability Defintion Documents Development Workshop

  • Developing Capability Proposals (Best Practice) Workshop

  • Operational Analsysis & Force Design Workshop

  • Functional Analysis & System Design Workshop

  • Operational Concept Document Development Workshop

Military Vehicle Technology & Mobility Courses

  • Military Vehicle Technology and Mobility (Overview)

  • Military Vehicle Technology and Mobility (Intermediate)

  • Military Vehicle Technology and Mobility (Advanced)

  • Diploma of Military Vehicle Technology and Mobility

Firepower & Protection Technology Courses

  • Fundamentals of Firepower and Weapons Technologies

  • Fundamentals of Survivability Technologies

  • Firepower and Protection Technologies

  • Military Vehicles: Defeating Blast & IEDs

  • Blast & Ballistic Computational Modelling Techniques

Tactical Mobile Communications Technology Courses

  • Tactical Mobile Communications Technologies

  • Tactical Data Architectures

  • Effective C4I Integration and Installations

 Human Systems Integration Courses

  • Human Systems Integration for Military Vehicles (Overview)

  • Human Systems Integration for Military Vehicles (Intermediate)

  • Human Systems Integration for Military Vehicles (Advanced)

Reliability Engineering Courses

  • Reliability Concepts and Growth Programs

  • FMECA/RCM (Overview) Course

  • FMECA/RCM (Facilitators) Course

  • FMECA/RCM (Facilitated Workshop)



"It was a pleasure to attend the Military Vehicles Technology and Mobility course. I found it very insightful and interesting. I really appreciated the course delivery style – the trainer was so open and approachable and created such a comfortable and facilitating environment. The breaking up the material into easily digestible sections with frequent short breaks and the use of so many different types of media and learning styles was outstanding."

 Participant, Advanced Course




Integrated Logistic Support Courses

  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) (Introduction)

  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) (Advanced)

All of Eggler’s professional development programs can be easily accessed by attending one of the regular public courses or by arranging in-house training. The modular nature of the training means in-house training courses can be easily customised to meet specific training needs.